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Only the Best Films Make Our Inventory


Solargard is a great company with films that offer some of our favorite films with excellent performance. Solargard has their signature TruVue dual reflective films, and their high performing PureVue ceramic line, as well as a vast variety of decorative films. 



Clearly see the world beyond your windows with the PureVue™ Ceramic Film Series from Solar Gard. Leveraging one of nature’s most durable elements, this innovative film line boasts significant heat and glare rejection while still maintaining views. A film like this is a great choice for many sun-exposed homes in the whole Santa Barbara County. 


TrueVue products are ‘dual reflective’ – reflective on the outside to maximize heat rejection and neutral on the inside to maintain views. Commonly used also on commercial buildings to provide protection from the sun, reducing energy costs and creating a private, comfortable environment.

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